Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About L. M. Quinn

Even though you (might) know me as a writer, I thought I’d take you on a fun tour of the personal side behind my writing as of January 2017.

First of all, there is my writing behind which lurks an eclectic reader/writer who has an appreciation for the well-written word in multiple genres (mystery, literary, memoir, non-fiction). Writers/fan conferences and workshops with fellow writers fuel this appreciation on a yearly basis.


Anywhere in Athens you can see the Acropolis. Stunning!

I love to travel, always have. In my journeys, I’ve visited/lived in Mexico, Central, America, St. Martin, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Morocco, Andorra, Greece, and Iceland. Travels like these can’t help but form one’s character. They surely did mine, making me more observant, diplomatic, and understanding of these countries as well as my own.


Nothing like Italian cuisine.

Eating well is another fun fact about me. My mother was a terrible cook, so my sister and I set about learning how to do this. We both enjoy preparing flavorful meals for family and good friends. Some of my favorite cuisines are French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, and U.S.A. Southern fare.

A write-up on my love of theater, music, and art would take up too much space for this blog post to handle.  Let me just say that like the other fun facts above, the arts of all kinds influence my life/writing on a daily basis.

Falcon Theatre

Beautiful Falcon Theater in Burbank, CA.

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Interested in a peep at my writing? Check out my short stories, book reviews, and essays: “A Not So Clear Case of Murder” included in the anthology Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery; and “The Red Lipstick” included in the YA anthology You Don’t Have a Clue (both books from Arte Público Press). She also had her personal essay (“A Grown-up”) accepted in the anthology Our Spirit, Our Reality: Celebrating Our StoriesBook reviews at

You Don't Have A Clue

Read L. M. Quinn’s short story”THE RED LIPSTICK.”

So now I’ve given you a tempting glimpse of the person behind the author/writerPlease do comment on my revelations and share some of your own similar ones or totally different ones.

6 thoughts on “Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About L. M. Quinn

  1. Great blog, La Linda!   Lynne Williams510-652-7520

    Strive to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation.  Don’t buy, adopt.


  2. Linda, we enjoy so many of the same interests. And my mom was also a terrible cook!

    You’ll have to devote several posts to the interests you didn’t name.

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