RESET: An interesting buzz word that sums up any number of situations, from a computer glitch that needs deleting to a romance struggling to find a new direction. We’ve all been there, right?

shouldbewritingSo February 2017 finds me in my version of the RESET mode. My energy and motivation levels at minus zero, a decline set in motion two years ago. So to what to I owe this down-surge in my writing?

Two major surgeries (2014 and 2016) that gave me two new knees also wiped out my energy/motivation levels. It was all I could do to stare at the pile of manuscript pages needing editing and the short story submission deadlines I’d never meet, let alone find the strength to write a blog post.loser

This situation had never before happened to me, in spite of a number of surgeries I’d been through over the years. Was there a solution out there to get me back on track?


Woman-SurprisedThen baby steps. First one blog post in January. A second blog post in February. The manuscript is now sitting on my desk in front of me, the synopsis and chapter notes reviewed.  I was on a roll and didn’t want to break the spell, although I knew that this new momentum might take more than one RESET to reach my goal.

All I can say at this point is that prayers, candles, and positive vibes sent my way aimed at my full recovery will be gratefully accepted and much appreciated to keep the ball rolling.

Enthusiastic Girl Jumping into AirAnd, of course, if something like this has happened to you, please share your story by leaving a comment on this blog post. Your input will inspire readers not to despair.

RESET followed by baby steps worked for me (so far). What’s worked for you?

11 thoughts on “RESET.

  1. Keep going dear cousin Linda keep going with baby steps. You’re going to be okay just be patient with yourself. Love your cousin Kathryn

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  2. Hi Linda, Prayers your way and hope your doing much better. Seems for every since we got together. Glad your back on track and things are good. Keep on your passion for writting and bloging is great to!!

    • So true. We’ve had life going by at a fast pace. All good, whatever the outcome. It means that we’re still alive and fighting for what we want. All the best to Jack, you & family. Here’s hoping 2017 has a get-together for us soon.

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    • Thanks so much for your input. I know I’m not the only one going through this, but it doesn’t hurt to let others know that they aren’t struggling alone.

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