Baby Step #1


Amazing how one small effort paves the way for bigger things to come. In my post-surgery downer phase, I couldn’t seem to move in any direction writing-wise (See my last blog post:

Then a short story idea popped up, buried in my mind’s eye for a long while but never released into reality until now.

canativeplants2A chance to submit the finished draft then presented itself. That’s not to say that it will be accepted for publication, but there’s always hope. And that hope has opened up other paths to follow. Yea! I’m on my way to recovery.


8 thoughts on “Baby Step #1

  1. Lovely. Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I have been very sick for weeks with pneumonia that is why I didn’t do too well on Valentine’s Day. So sorry about that hope you are well my dear.

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  2. Dear Linda, I had no idea of your post-op downer!  The flowers/colors suit you;you’re on your way.  I totally support your efforts.  Keep on keeping on. . . Lois

    • Thanks so much, Barry. Am following your advise and it seems to be working just fine, one step at a time. Best you Anne and you.

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