Renewal, Remembering & Rewriting

A burst of pink at a garden gate.

It’s amazing how a walk through the neighborhood reveals a pre-Spring show of blooms and colors that shakes up your life — in a good way. 

Red berries basking in the sun.

The amazing colors and shapes that nature puts out there for the world to see has to affect the way you want to do your own song and dance routine, be it (as in my case)  writing, re-writing or editing. 

Fruit tree.

The walk and colorful flower show got me thinking about an up-coming writers conference in April (Malice Domestic). All of the details to attend (flight, hotel, program, etc.) plus working in meeting up with/remembering my good friends from an eight-year stay in MD, now seventeen years ago. Amazing how time flies. We all know that.

Lavender by the gate.

Now it’s time for the rewrite. Picking up a novel ms that needs serious work and reworking or starting over. Big decision. Got some great tips on a way to make it easier from the last SCBWI Writers’ Day conference, so I’m ready to get started. Big challenge, but I made a deal with myself long ago to write this book. Here I go.

An English garden – complete and beautiful, just like my future ms (one hopes).

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